14th-17th March, 2015. Dublin, Ireland

2017 Events

Music for 18 Machines

8:00 PM, Sat, 18 Mar

Venue: St. Patrick's Cathedral

St. Patrick’s Festival Presents Music for 18 Machines

Tickets: €18

St. Patrick’s Cathedral will set the scene for the breathtaking performance of Music for 18 Machines - a reimagining of Steve Reich’s minimalist classic Music for 18 Musicians.  Simply put it employs synthesisers in the places of musicians to voice the original work. Reich’s work is a blueprint of the minimalist movement - an exploration of pattern and process. Music for 18 Machines reverses this process in a search to elicit as expressive and emotive performance from 18 electronic instruments being played by a single computer.

The project was conceived and developed by Irish sound designer and composer Simon Cullen.

This event is in partnership with St. Patrick’s Cathedral.