14th-17th March, 2015. Dublin, Ireland

2015 Events


9:30 AM, Sat, 16 Mar

Venue: The National Library - The Foyer, Dublin 2

As part of Bloom 2012, Departures investigated the current culture of emigration in Ireland. The next stage of the investigation Returning will involve interviewing Ireland’s returning diaspora and exploring their perceptions on emigration and how it has affected them.

Through the stories of those returning for The Gathering Ireland 2013 we will see the motivations for leaving, and returning, whether or not Ireland is still home for them, and why it is a place that still warrants returning to, maybe after generations.

Woven amongst trees floats a translucent strip of fabric with portraits featuring the art of Aoife Challis. Their stories will be played on a continuous loop through wireless earphones.

Running from 14th-18th March.

No registration necessary