The Nightmare Club - UNESCO


Mon, 18 Mar
Smock Alley Theatre, Exchange Street Lower, Temple Bar, Dublin 8
10:00 AM

Did you ever hear that telling a nightmare makes it fade away? It doesn’t.  Not here anyway.  Welcome to The Nightmare Club.

The Nightmare Club is not for, like, just ANYBODY. People who bring their teddies had better keep them well hidden. Only the spookiest, scariest stories get told here, and if you can’t take it ... well, tough!

The Nightmare Club is a series of scary stories about a young girl from Dublin, who lives near a cemetery and organises a scary, storytelling night in her house. 

If you’re brave enough, come and meet some crazy characters from the books, talk to some of the authors, enjoy interactive workshops and check out the live creepy crawlies - euwh!

For the morning sessions author Oisin McGann will be doing illustration workshops and in the afternoon author David Maybury, aka the mad scientist, will hijack some willing audience members and bring them through a scene from his book!

Katie Long will do ‘Make a Zombie’ Craft where you get to make either a zombie straw or fridge magnet to take home.  There will also be fun readings with two of the Nightmare Club authors, Deirdre Sullivan & Alice Stevens.

We dare you to join!

Suitable for 7-10year olds.

Booked Out.

More information available here.

10am - 11.30am
12pm - 1.30pm
2pm - 3.30pm
4pm - 5.30pm

In association with Dublin UNESCO City of Literature, Dublin City Public Libraries & Little Island Publishers.

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