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Conversations After Sex

9 & 10 March at 6.30pm & 11 March at 8.30pm

Venue: The Complex, 15 Little Green St, Smithfield, Dublin 7

Written by Mark O’Halloran / Directed by Tom Creed


Dates: 9 & 10 March at 6.30pm & 11 March at 8.30pm
Tickets: €8

A staged reading of the long-awaited new play by acclaimed playwright and screenwriter Mark O’Halloran (Viva, Adam & Paul, Trade).

Four pairs of strangers meet through dating apps, websites or random hook ups at the supermarket. They couple in cars, hotel rooms or anonymous apartments. They fuck furiously, fulfilling perceived physical desires and needs in one another - the need to forget themselves, feel desire, control or submit. It’s what happens directly after these couplings, however, that is the substance of Conversations after Sex.

Their shared physical intimacy becomes a catalyst for shocking communication.  Their belief in the shield of anonymity allows them to reveal parts of themselves hidden from friends, family or lovers. Their conversations, held in the shadow of guilt, regret or shame, are darkly comedic and troubling, adding to a portrait of a society that is both honest and disturbing.

This is a work-in-progress presentation from THISISPOPBABY.

Made with the support of The Arts Council.