City Fusion, St Patrick's Festival's Community Arts Project, is of great importance to the Festival.

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The Community Arts Project promotes integration, inclusion and celebrate our diversity at the time of the national holiday. The project runs concurrently with the same creative team and core values of communion, respect and joyful celebration.

City Fusion is commissioned annually and engage with groups and communities from a variety of backgrounds. The participants work together alongside professional artists to create and stage two large scale pageants for the Festival parade. They are immersed in the creative process over a number of months and learn skills in performance, street-theatre, dance and circus. The Creative Directors for City Fusion are Designer Sabine Dargent and Choreographer Muirne Bloomer.


City Fusion:

Alma Boliviana Ballet
Alma Boliviana uses the art of dance to celebrate Bolivian culture throughout Ireland. Different cultures from all over Bolivia are represented through their mixture of dances.  The group has officially been together for 3 years and most performers are from Bolivia but they welcome everyone from all different nationalities.

Brazilian Samba Dance Community Group
This group consists of 10 passistas who have been performing Salsa since 2008, bringing energy and an energetic spirit to parties, festivals and weddings. Their mission is to showcase their Brazilian culture through music and dance and to transform simple moments into unforgettable dreams.

Cameroonian Women Association
The main objective of the group is to empower women through education and interaction with the community in Ireland and to assist women in expanding their capabilities by working in groups.

Emerald Media Group
Emerald Media was established in 2003 and is Ireland's first and largest Chinese Media platform. Their primary mission is to deliver news and to voice the interests of the 60,000 people who are part of the Chinese Community in Ireland. They also organise and participate in events and activities promoting cultural and business links between Ireland and China. The activities of Emerald Chinese Group promote an understanding and appreciation of the diversity and the rich cultures of Ireland and China.

India Umbrella Group / CICI
An estimated 25,000 Indian origin members are living in the Republic of Ireland and making positive contributions in the fields of IT, Health and Educational services. The aim of this umbrella organization is to support the needs of various Indian community organizations and provide better facilities to improve the social life of their members. Indian Diaspora living in Ireland wants to promote diverse Indian cultural heritage and integrate well with all people living in Ireland.

Lithuanian Association in Ireland
The Lithuanian Association in Ireland Limited officially registered in January 2005 and has been active since 1999. The association organises Lithuanian concerts and other events as well as running eight Lithuanian weekend schools in various counties throughout Ireland including a school run for children in Dublin. It organises monthly Lithuanian gatherings around the country and publishes Saloje (On the Island) twice a month, which has around 5000 readers and the weekly Lietuvis (Lithuanian) which are both the most popular local papers amongst the Lithuanian community.

Peruvian Irish Community Association
The Peruvian Irish Community Association is a non profit organisation which strives to promote Peruvian culture in Ireland as well as integration into Irish society. The Peruvian Irish Community Association welcomes everybody regardless of their background, age, or adversity.

St John of God Community Services, Liffey Region
This group is from the Liffey Services, St John of God. Their members are involved in different community activities and are all independent people. Some have paid jobs in the open labour market. Each year a new group of members come together in order to participate in the parade.

Brighter Futures:

Filipino Cultural Organisation of Ireland
The Filipino Cultural group has been in existence for almost 15 years. They work throughout the community promoting Filipino integration through culture, music and dance.
They also promote tourism to the Philippines by taking part in different festivals and events throughout the year. The group is diverse with Filipino and Irish members and has grown steadily over the past couple of years with the help of the St Patrick’s Festival Arts Projects and Filipino festivals.

New Communities Partnership (NCP)
New Communities Partnership (NCP) is an independent national network of 175 immigrant led groups comprising of 65 nationalities with offices in Dublin and Cork with outreach to other cities. They are a non – governmental organisation and a registered charity. They support and strengthen their Irish citizenship communities by offering a unified and inclusive voice for ethnic minority communities to interact, exchange ideas and empower themselves.

Polish Weekend School SEN
SEN Polish Saturday School was established in February 2010 and is attended by over 500 pupils aged between 4 and 17. Their main activity is promoting multilingualism, the Polish language and culture and their cooperation with the Irish educational and cultural associations.

Robert Emmet Community Development Project
Robert Emmet Community Development Project was set up in 2003 to work in the community living in and around Oliver Bond Flat Complex in Dublin’s South Inner City. They work across all age groups developing educational and cultural initiatives in the community. Robert Emmet Community Development Project has been participating in the St Patrick’s Day Festival since 2011.
It offers an excellent opportunity for the young people they work with a platform to perform and to represent Ireland whilst building their own confidence and skills. 

Romanians in Ireland Organisation
Romanians in Ireland started as a Facebook group in March 2013 and quickly became a little community of people helping each other. Today it boasts more than 20,000 members. They wanted to get involved in the community in a more direct and practical way. The organisation offers support of all kinds to Romanians living in Ireland and is also involved in several projects together with Dublin City Council and other community groups and charities. Their aim is to promote and preserve their traditions, culture and heritage and to also work on social inclusion for other Romanians.

Syrians in Ireland
The Syrians in Ireland group have been a wonderful addition to the Brighter Futures pageants. Their passion, love and integration have become a most welcome and valuable part of life in Ireland. Through their mission to celebrate, dance and sing with all people and communities, taking part in the St Patrick’s Festival parade makes them want to be happy and make people happy.

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