14th-17th March, 2015. Dublin, Ireland
Festival Parade

Festival Parade

Celebrate Now, the theme for the 2015 Festival Parade, was brought to life by leading pageant companies on March 17th - their fantastical creations and thrilling performances, inspired by the present, enthraled and excited the crowds. 

Amidst the colourful pageantry, bands from the USA, Mexico, Germany and Ireland delivered uplifting scores and inspiring rhythms. This spectacular procession winded its way through the heart of Dublin city, bursting with colour and theatrics.

Last year’s Festival Parade theme, ‘Let’s Make History’drew on 'the past’ and was the first step on this exciting, creative journey. 2016 will explore 'the future', asking the question, ‘who do we aspire to be in the next 100 years’?, completing the three-year theme and narrative of 'past, present and future'.


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