Sponsor Testimonials

National Lottery

‘Partnering with St. Patrick’s Festival has had many benefits for the National Lottery brand. Through our sponsorship of Skyfest we have connected directly with our target market in a celebratory, unique and entertaining way, which has promoted affinity with our brand. The St. Patrick’s Festival team strive for creativity, excellence and high production values in every aspect of the programme and this, coupled with their desire to maximize the impact for their sponsors, is why we are delighted to have a partnership with the National Festival.’

Eddie Banville, Head of Marketing, National Lottery.

Marks & Spencer

Only M&S

‘We have worked with St. Patrick’s Festival for the last five years and they have been a pleasure to deal with in every aspect. We have been delighted with both events which more than delivered on our expectations and we look forward to continuing our partnership with the team and the Festival!’
Carmel Breheny, Marketing Manager, Marks and Spencer, Ireland.

Dublin City of Science 2012

‘This was our first year working with St Patrick’s Festival and I hope it will not be our last. The team are responsive, dedicated and very efficient. They work with sponsors in every way and provide them with ways to promote the sponsor’s brand as much as possible without infringing on the integrity of the event itself. We were delighted with the promotion and coverage we got for the events held during the three day period and things ran as smoothly as they did due to the professionalism, knowledge and expertise of the St Patrick’s Festival team. From a branding, marketing and media standpoint the Festival exceeded our expectations and returned all the deliverables as was previously agreed upon. We have no hesitation in recommending St Patrick’s Festival as a partner and wish them the very best of luck in the future.’
Hazel Chu, Head of Marketing&Corporate Communications, Dublin City of Science