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Festival Events

Abair series: Ballad Tours Dublin

12:00 PM, Sun, 17 Mar

Venue: Temple Bar – Corner of Essex Street West & Cows Lane, at the back of the Smock Alley Theatre
Time: 12pm & 3pm (please arrive 10min beforehand)
Duration : 1.5 hrs
Paid Ticketed: €12
Wheel Chair Accessible: Yes

Abair is a program of traditional singing and storytelling events exploring the oral folk traditions of Ireland. Taken from the Irish word meaning both ‘to say’ and ‘to sing’, the four-day program offers a broad range of intimate, unplugged performances, including walking tours, pub sessions and concerts, each highlighting the richness and beauty of the Irish singing and storytelling traditions, still preserved and practiced to the present day.

As part of the Abair series, Ballad Tours Dublin aims to promote social history through song. Dublin has a long history and there is hardly an event as small as breakfast that hasn’t been remembered in some song or hilarious story. The tour is an interactive journey through time, space, song and rhyme chronicling the history of Irish music and Dublin City in a simple, laid back and good humoured style, lead by balladeer, mummer, and storyteller Seán Fitzgerald.

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