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Abair series: Gnás - Finnegans Wake

6:30 PM, Thu, 14 Mar

Venue: Glasnevin Cemetery, Finglas Road, Glasnevin, Dublin 11
Time: Doors 6.30pm, Start 6.45pm
Duration : 90min
Paid Ticketed: €12
Wheelchair Accessible: Yes

Join storyteller Liz Weir and singer Ann Buckley in Glasnevin Cemetery on a journey through death and the afterlife, with comic and sad tales of bidding farewell, passing on and ‘the other side’. As Ireland’s largest cemetery, Glasnevin (and it’s accompanying museum) is a beacon of Irish history and the resting place of over 1.5 million people.

The event will also feature a ‘songs from the floor’ session, giving audience members a chance to provide a song or story of their own, relevant to the given theme.

Gnás is a series of site-specific performances celebrating the ritualistic nature of the Irish arts, beginning in infancy and childhood, progressing to adolescence and adulthood, and ending in death and the afterlife. Each event will feature a ‘songs from the floor’ session giving the audience a chance to contribute their song or story relevant to the given theme.

ABAIR is a programme of traditional singing and storytelling events curated by Macdara Yeates, exploring the oral folk traditions of Ireland. Taken from the Irish word meaning ‘to say’ and ‘to sing’, the four-day schedule offers a broad range of intimate, unplugged performances highlighting the richness and beauty of these traditions, still preserved and practiced to the present day.

Gnás Series Timetable

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