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D1 25th Anniversary Record Launch & Retrospective Exhibition

6:00 PM, Fri, 15 Mar

Venue: Hen's Teeth, Fade Street, Dublin 2
Time : 6pm
Duration : 3 Hours
Wheelchair Accessible: Yes

For as long as there has been dance music in Dublin, there has been techno. Our love affair with the genre runs as deep today as it did back-in-the-day, when out of the depths of Parnell Street came D1 Recordings, beginning a journey that lead to music-making, clubs, citywide festivals — an adventure that has proved it possible to create world-class music, specifically a unique and influential genre of Dublin-based electronic music, with a self-determined ethic and a global reach.

D1’s maverick approach is the stuff of legend. Rather than let it go untold, St. Patrick’s Festival, D1 Recordings, Hidden Agenda, Hen’s Teeth and Various Artists are proud to present a series of open-to-all events and collaborative music and design projects to mark 25 years of D1 Recordings set up by Eamonn Doyle, and its impact on the city, its dance floors, musicians and all those touched by D1’s vision and ambition, here and abroad.

A six-piece vinyl album set featuring 55 new tracks from 45 Irish and international artists, “D1×25”, will be launched at Hen’s Teeth Gallery, and then the celebrations will continue there and over the weekend, culminating at Yamamori Tengu with a night full of music from D1 Recordings’ artists on Sunday 17th March.

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