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Lavender Walk: Tour of Historic Gay Dublin

5:00 PM, Fri, 15 Mar

Venue: Starting at Trinity College, Front Square, Dublin 2
Tickets: €10
Time: 5pm (arrive 15 mins in advance)
Wheelchair Accessible: Yes

Join the ultimate walking tour of historic LGBT Dublin hosted by well-known civil rights activist and historian, Tonie Walsh, as he trawls the socio-cultural and political life of the city, from St. Patrick’s proposition by a band of randy sailors in the 5thcentury to decriminalization of male homosexuality, the advent of marriage equality and adoption of trans rights in the 20th century. Expect two hours of education, illumination and possibly a little titillation.

All Tour Times:
Fri 15th - 17:00
Sat 16th - 13:00
Mon 18th - 13:00
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Tonie Walsh is an activist who has been tireless in the pursuit of LGBT rights. He was the founding editor of GCC and he is the independent curator of the Irish Queer Archive, now held at the National Library of Ireland.  Through moonlighting as a dj and club promoter (notably with the Horny Organ Tribe and Powderbubble)  he has left an indelible mark on Irish queer cultural life.

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