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This Land with Candlelit Theatre & Special Guest Farah Elle

8:30 PM, Sat, 16 Mar

Venue: The Studio, National Concert Hall, Dublin 2
Time: 8.30pm
Duration : 50 mins
Paid Ticketed: €12
Wheelchair Accessible: Yes (advance notice)

Our oldest myths tell of people who came to this land from afar. Ireland welcomed them and the land remembered them all.

In collaboration with Raymond Keane, singer Farah Elle, Candlelit Theatre and a group of singers, musicians, rappers, poets and performers recently arrived in Ireland, This Land will weave Ireland’s oldest mythological tales with the experiences of the new people who come to this land today.

The resulting performance will be a dynamic and immersive theatrical experience, expressed through storytelling, song, spoken word, music and movement.
This Land explores the fundamental question ‘What is it to belong?’.

It will bring to light stories that are in turn poignant and uplifting, the beautiful artistic creations that emerge when diverse cultures join together to explore the past and the present, in search of a better future.

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