St. Patrick’s Festival x TikTok Creative Fund

Newly launched €100,000 creative fund now open to community groups across Ireland


Closing date for receipt of applications is 6pm on Sunday, October 24, 2021

St. Patrick’s Festival is delighted to announce the St. Patrick’s Festival x TikTok Creative Fund. This €100,000 creative initiative is open to community organisations and groups across Ireland, who connect with, empower, and uplift their communities through arts, culture, and creativity.

St Patrick’s Festival and TikTok recognise the vital role that community organisations, their workers and volunteers undertake in bringing communities together, inspiring creativity, breaking down societal and cultural barriers, promoting diversity and inclusion, and much more. Community and voluntary organisations, charities and social enterprises who use artistic and cultural interventions as a tool to connect, enhance and inspire their communities are invited to apply for the fund through a simple online process.

In November 2021, ten community groups across Ireland will then be selected for their outstanding work in harnessing the power of creativity to act as a catalyst for good in their communities. Thanks to the generous support of TikTok, each group will be awarded €10,000 to develop and deliver creative responses to their own unique community challenges. All groups will be supported by St. Patrick’s Festival throughout their artistic journey, from selection through to the presentation of their creative project. St. Patrick’s Festival will also work with each group to capture and share their process and final projects on both St. Patrick’s Festival channels, as well as the TikTok platform. Finally, a selection of work will be showcased, to Ireland and the world, during the national St. Patrick’s Festival in March 2022.

TikTok Masterclass

Awareness of the work of community groups can often be difficult to achieve. In response to this, all awardees will be invited to participate in a specially developed community focused TikTok masterclass. Here community workers can develop and enhance their storytelling skills through the TikTok platform and learn how best to harness the potential of social storytelling to communicate with their audiences, build awareness, showcase their work, and inspire participation.

Building Connections

The St. Patrick’s Festival x TikTok Creative Fund will also feed into Ireland’s artistic and creative ecosystem, by encouraging the awarded community groups to work with local artists, arts workers, arts organisations, live events crews, and creative professionals, who can provide organisations with the supports, skills, and learnings they need to progress their creative project.

Applications for the St. Patrick’s Festival x TikTok Creative Fund are now open. Community groups who work in arts, culture or creative disciplines, or who connect with their communities through culture and creativity, are invited to apply for the fund by completing a simple online application form and submitting a short video that introduces their community and speaks of their artistic and creative work. The closing date for receipt of applications is 6pm on Sunday, October 24, 2021. The ten successful community groups will be announced in November 2021.

Who Can Apply

Non-profit organisations, from small community and voluntary groups, to larger charities and social enterprises.

Community groups who work in the arts, culture, and creative space.

Community groups who employ arts and creativity as an intervention.

Community groups who run artistic and cultural initiatives as part of their work.

Community groups who connect with their communities through arts and culture.

If you should need any assistance with the application process simply contact us at

Assessment Criteria

Applications which are considered eligible will be assessed based on the following:

  • The information provided on the application form and their video submission including:
  • The community work of the organisation/group, with special consideration for those who work through artistic, creative and cultural intervention.
  • The artistic, creative and cultural attributes of the project proposed.
  • The benefits the proposed project will bring to the group members and their community.
  • The financial viability of the project and the proposed timeline.

St. Patrick’s Festival x TikTok Creative Fund Application Form


Terms & Conditions

Please find the full terms and conditions for the St. Patrick’s Festival x TikTok Creative Fund here.

Privacy Notice

Please find the Privacy Notice for Applicants to the St. Patrick’s Festival x TikTok Creative Fund here.